Center of the Universe

The universe spins ever outward from the center, which is us, for we cannot see beyond what our senses allow us to see. We see equally in all directions because the universe tests the strength of our sight at every angle. From our perspective, we see the universe itself moving outward from us. We see the end of the universe and call it the end because we cannot see beyond. We are the center, for the center which is our sense is equally measuring outwards, to the ends of it’s own ability, in all directions where we look. What lies beyond is a mystery. People with sense put themselves at the center to understand their own perspective, and measure equally the extent of their senses. People with nonsense put themselves elsewhere and gain no perspective of themselves, for their measurement is false from the center of themselves to the extent of their knowledge, for the center is misplaced. To be the center of your universe is stability, for the accurate measurement of your senses’ experiences defines you. But understand the universe is larger than you see. Other centers exist, each with their own sense. You see what others cannot, but the same is said of them, always. To share what you see shares the definition of the you that centers your reality. Understanding that you can see what others don’t is also understanding that others see what you don’t. The universe does not revolve around you. It expands and it challenges you, and it gives you the experience to share, with others, your perspective. You are the you that no one else can deny, for no one else can deny your sense, which is yours alone to accept. But also exists the perspective of the others, who see the reality their sense allows. Those who deal with other challenges you do not, and see from a different place than you. Accepting that they see reality, from a different place, is the key to acceptance in this world.

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